Human resources


Shortage of skilled workers, position allocation & definition as well as smart controlling are the key points of our past expertises. Using proven and targeted methods to achieve long-lasting and market-oriented results and an efficient work structure without spontaneous replacements or breakdowns.

Our goal

Qualified, loyal professionals with the motivation to see your company at the top.

Who We Are

Employees are a company's most valuable resource. Due to non-targeted communication or internal circumstances, there is often a shortage of qualified and particularly motivated specialists. That's why you need future-proof HR concepts that motivate and promote employees so that you can continue to outperform the industry average.

Folcon Ltd. develops and implements tailor-made personnel strategies for you and thus helps you to achieve your corporate goal. Downtime and a shortage of skilled workers are now part of everyday life in many companies. We focus on the reasons for these conditions and design and implement structures to make this problem a thing of the past.

In doing so, we accompany you in an advisory & acting capacity from the search, to the potential hiring, to the long-term permanence of employees. In parallel, we optimize internal personnel concepts and create a motivating and self-developing attitude towards your company.

Your profit

Your benefits through employees of integrity.

Excellent & focused corporate culture

Problem-oriented everyday work

Less investment in permanent replacements

Our way of looking at things

High marketplace through strong team culture.

The past decade has brought numerous changes in the area of employee recruitment and team spirit; qualified employees consistently choose their employers themselves. Folcon GmbH supports its customers not only in the far-sighted recruitment of relevant candidates, the alignment and design of a team guide for sustainable consistency is indispensable today and creates strong work cultures.

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