Our offer.

As a result of dynamic economic developments, Folcon Ltd. deploys its experts in all aspects of business optimization & growth depending on the situation, regardless of whether your focus is more regional or global.

Our work philosophy

Together to the optimal result.

Folcon Ltd. regards constant regional, but also global change not exclusively as an ever new challenge, but also as an opportunity to revise proven procedures according to the best possible parameters. With a deep understanding of the most pressing issues and priorities, our experts offer you a comprehensive range of services in an advisory capacity, but also in on-site operational support.

Company growth

The automotive industry is undergoing a transformation that can no longer be ignored. From electromobility to autonomous driving – we provide support during this new era in restructuring and capturing new business areas.

Internal processes

Work efficiency results from a clear distribution of tasks and an orderly & system-oriented processing of these. With a customized structure of internal & external processes to above-average industry results and an overview given at all times.


Given technologies & digitalization pose new challenges for many industries and require a contemporary restructuring for a further, sustainable market participation. Concerns about new methods should be rethought into high expectations for growth and future market share.

Corporate Perception

The external perception of a company shapes every potential customer first and provides them with an initial image. In today’s cut-throat market with countless market participants, the customer – more than ever – determines which companies will prove themselves in the future.

Human resources

Shortage of skilled workers, position allocation & definition as well as smart controlling are the key points of our past expertises. Using proven and targeted methods to achieve long-lasting and market-oriented results and an efficient work structure without spontaneous replacements or breakdowns.

Brand support

Building a solid brand gives countless companies in a wide variety of industries an external unique selling proposition, which has proven to be extremely beneficial in the past in the areas of customertrust, external partnerships & qualified employee recruitment.

Company takeover

Holistic succession planning is the be-all and end-all; entrepreneurial and tax risks must not be ignored. Coordinated step-by-step working methods and strategic decision-making shape professional succession consulting.

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