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Clear communication and answered questions are the cornerstones for promising partnerships and long-lasting relationships in the Folcon Ltd. supply chain. Below you will find our frequently asked questions – for an open and transparent cooperation.


Questions about Folcon.

Folcon Ltd. is a nationally and internationally positioned management consultancy with a focus on internal and external business optimization. We are represented both in an advisory capacity, but for the most part we are also operationally on site. The company is managed and coordinated from its headquarters in Stuttgart. In order to ensure the highest quality standards, Folcon Ltd. has a complex supervisory structure, which is regularly monitored and optimized by our management.

Due to our intra-industry and problem-oriented approaches, there is no concrete collaboration structure. At the beginning of the cooperation, you will receive a presentation with all strategic information concerning the project implementation, without exception. After that, our experts, after an impressive description of the given facts, first collect strategically necessary data in the form of a neatly documented protocol, and then we act in an advisory and operative capacity. During our cooperation, you will be regularly informed about the processing status, as requested. As soon as a project conclusion approaches, results are drawn up, documented and discussed in mutual agreement to ensure complete satisfaction and sustainable marketability for our customers.

With our national, but increasingly also international teams, we have a broadly industry-unspecific setup. Constantly varying market boundaries and the accompanying pressure to adapt gives us the opportunity to offer our service and products to innovative and future-visioned companies in order to continue to demonstrate sustainable growth in agile markets.

Our digital solutions are exclusively high-quality business software or digital services. Our portfolio ranges from nationally and internationally developed on-premise solutions to SaaS cloud solutions and mobile applications.

In developing our enterprise software, we bring cross-industry expertise from the areas of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, such as Tax, Legal and Advisory. As a result, we know what drives companies and how digital transformation can succeed efficiently. Our offering thus includes tools and services that take into account current market trends and technology developments, focus on the (digital) challenges of our customers and thus enable more efficient and automated process flows, save costs and reduce potential sources of error.

Our services and solutions cover a wide range of business areas, including finance, human resources, data protection, marketing, tax, IT security and risk management, as well as internal process structures and workflows.

The cost of our service and products usually depends on the type and size of the order. Matching your needs, our experts will create a presentation individually designed for you, which will discuss solution-oriented actions and the associated costs. Clear, consistent communication and mutual understanding characterize our day-to-day relationship with national and international customers and partners.


General questions.

A management consultancy, such as Folcon Ltd., is an independent service provider perfected to offer optimization in the areas of internal processes, corporate structure, IT, sales, marketing and digital system technology. Due to regular, far-reaching changes in various markets of the world, individual enterprises can only be successful in the long term if you profit from said changes in the markets and do not constructively resist them. In this context, a management consultancy creates solutions in an advisory & operative capacity, thus enabling sustainable growth.

Engaging an independent management consultancy such as Folcon Ltd. is profitable for small companies, especially for medium-sized businesses, as well as for globally operating groups of companies. In all markets where direct competition is greater and differentiation from competing products or services is lower, our teams are increasingly working on complex solution strategies. Our service and product portfolio is tailored to the individual needs of your company – please contact us for more information via our contact form.

This is very diverse and always depends on the type and objective of the project. Basically, we at Folcon Ltd. define success for our customers through mastered challenges and the sustainable optimization of your work culture, accompanied by high solution competence. For us, clear and unambiguous communication is enormously important during, but also after project completion, in order to openly evaluate diverse approaches and offer fresh perspectives – for your clarity and ours.

Before you hire a management consultancy, you should be clear about your clearly defined goals. This results in our future-oriented and solution-oriented strategies and concepts, which our experts present to you in advance. We at Folcon Ltd. focus even more on two central customer needs in addition to your business optimization:


Folcon as an employer.

This is decided by your interest and specialization. Talking to friends and family will give you further insight into your strengths and inclinations. Folcon Ltd. is constantly growing and regularly expanding into new business areas. Contact us with your ideas and arrange a no-obligation initial consultation!

This is decided by your interest and specialization. Talking to friends and family will give you further insight into your strengths and inclinations. Folcon Ltd. is constantly growing and regularly expanding into new business areas. Contact us with your ideas and arrange a no-obligation initial consultation!

After selecting your preferred position, entering your personal data for a contact opportunity and attaching your necessary documents, an employee will get back to you within 14 working days. We ask for your understanding that the application of our selection procedure requires corresponding time.

In order to be able to integrate your individual personality and the associated competencies into our company structure in the best possible way, please feel free to contact us with your ideas and visions regarding your professional development (contact). We are focused on providing potential applicants with the opportunity for sustainable personal and professional development.

We support and promote all employees in our company. Our goal is to act as a solid unit, while being clearly positioned internally and creating a structure that is efficient, solution-oriented and more than willing to present our customers with the best possible solutions. Regular performance reviews and interviews show where you stand and what Folcon Ltd. can do for your professional, but also personal development.

The short and simple answer is yes. First-class performance and innovative solutions in your professional career to date are the best prerequisites for this. If you are interested in a job abroad, please contact us. Together we can find suitable ways for your wish.

Every week is different for us and brings new, often unexpected and exciting challenges due to cross-industry positioning. Flexibility and solution-oriented will are the top priority in our joint work, so we can always determine how to complete upcoming tasks.

In our office, ‘business casual’ is the dress code. However, our clients expect a visually professional appearance from our professional consultants, which means that business attire is mandatory in discussions with them. An exception are visits to our customers on site, in this case the clothing is based on the local dress code.

Many nations and cultures make up Folcon Ltd. and give us the advantage of successfully tackling tasks and problems in a mutually complementary, inspiring and motivating way through a wide variety of life experiences and life plans. We have created an environment in which all employees are part of the community and have the primary opportunity to realize their full potential and be holistically successful. Our aspiration to promote and nurture diversity and openness is also beneficial in business terms: The aspiration supports teams and customers in a globalized economy and it helps to operate across borders in an environment characterized by economic and demographic change.

Feel free to contact us anytime via our contact form or send us an email at info@folcon.de. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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