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Strategic Succession Planning.

Holistic succession planning is the be-all and end-all; entrepreneurial and tax risks must not be ignored. Coordinated step-by-step working methods and strategic decision-making shape professional succession consulting.

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An optimistic view of the future while adhering to and continuing your corporate values.

Who We Are

Anyone wishing to hand over their business should take a holistic perspective from the outset, so that long-term effects can also be taken into account. We advise and accompany you through all phases of company succession and, of course, also provide support after completion.

The handover of a company is a massive break for all parties involved, and handling it via a company exchange or succession exchange rarely does justice to the complexity. Internal, tax and legal implications need to be considered upfront to ensure a smooth handover.

We at Folcon Ltd. are at your disposal without any restrictions, from the analysis of the status quo to the tool-based calculation of the tax exemption to tax and legal issues.

Together we address all relevant areas and find the optimal way to hand over your company to the successor.

Your profit

Your benefits through coordinated succession planning.

Highest protection of your interests and structures

Tax and legal approach

Financial controlling and access protection for your descendants

Our way of looking at things

Protecting and safeguarding your interests & values.

Folcon Ltd. supports its clients in the design of takeover concepts as well as in the establishment of foundations and trusts. Our highest priority is to take into account the cross-party circumstances and diverging interests of the various parties involved, always respecting legal structures and agreements.

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