Ethics & Compliance

Our Principles & Rules.

Folcon Ltd. is very proud of its image as an ethically highly regarded company. Together, we are responsible for supporting and strengthening our corporate culture of great integrity.

Joint collaboration.

In everything we do, two things are central: the trust that clients, society & employees place in us and our high, ethical standards. In our work and our daily decisions, we are guided by a framework of values – our Ethical Principles and Compliance Rules. Compliance with legal and professional requirements as well as internal rules and standards is essential. Especially when we work across countries.

"For our corporate culture, it is very important to speak up and voice concerns of any kind. Anyone who has the courage to openly address when something is not right or seems wrong is acting with integrity. This is what we stand for at Folcon Ltd."

Child protection on business trips.

We at Folcon Ltd. also take responsibility on our business trips. Alongside numerous other companies, we support the “Safe travel – we join in!” campaign for child protection on business trips. DER Business Travel – GBT Deutschland GmbH launched the initiative in 2019. It deals with the protection of children and young people from sexual exploitation during travel and tourism. Since 2021, we have also been involved in the initiative and have been drawing attention internally to the reporting platform Suspected cases or indications of sexual violence against children and adolescents can be reported here in a straightforward manner.

"For us, respecting human rights and implementing human rights due diligence in our operational processes is an important contribution to improving the human rights situation. We accept this challenge and are committed to the continuous development of our human rights due diligence processes."

Folcon Solutions

This is how you can reach us to report possible violations - by name or anonymously.