About us

Folcon GmbH

Our visions are defined by two particular characteristics: Reliability and performance.

With clear structures and efficient systems to greater focus on your core business and easier duplication in terms of scalability.

Who we are

We think about later first. Our goal is to turn the existing potential of your company into a permanently and long-term attractive market competitor with character. The basis for this is a trusting and binding way of working, both with our business partners and within the team.

Decisions are made on the basis of many years of experience – and with viable ideas for the future. To this end, we closely monitor social and internal market trends as well as external influencing factors.

Particularly over the last few years, we have been able to record above-average growth, especially in the area of Market Analytics & Process Formation. We are now concentrating on setting the right course for tomorrow and securing the positive development of the company for the coming decades.

Our Commitment

What we stand for.

Years of experience

Professional expertise in cross-industry optimization structures, a disciplined team with unlimited availability and an internationally consolidated, steadily growing network help us to achieve above-average results. We are permanently looking for the best possible and most efficient ways to optimize your work structure & work processes sustainably and in the long term and to provide your company with the following benefits.

Efficient everyday work

We advocate and design customized process flows for the simplicity of our, as well as your, everyday work structure. Clear and direct communication as well as an internal, structured work system distinguish an average market player from the global market leaders. For a quick and simple processing of regularly occurring cases and consequently for a greater factor of time of the internal management structure.

Clear duplication potential

You achieve natural and sustainable business growth by increasing your internal capacity and external resources. The need for easily duplicable structures and work systems for future positions and subsequent locations is essential here. We help with the creation, through the implementation to the regular control. Hereby to easily coordinated growth and innovative solutions on the market.

Our vision

Attention to detail coupled with solution-oriented efficiency & high speed of implementation.